State Budget

Posted Fall 2020

I believe that the greatest challenge this year will be to build a responsible, balanced budget that meets the needs of all Vermonters, especially our most vulnerable members. I am very concerned about people being able to afford to heat their homes, put food on the table, pay for fuel to get to work, and afford other necessities to allow for quality, healthy lives.

Reduction in services is not be the only answer to reduce state expenditures, but our government must deliver services to Vermonters in an effective and cost efficient way. I believe this is an era of increasing efficiency in management and information dissemination. With a long-range plan for realizing efficiencies in government we will be able to do more with less.

I am committed to managing the state budget with a policy of fiscal responsibility. This is vital to the successful operation of a government that hopes to meet the needs of its population. Taxation should be a progressive system based on ability to pay. I support ongoing investment in Vermont’s infrastructure. Moreover, I believe we must not eliminate or under-fund programs that are important to working Vermonters.