Agriculture and Small Farms

Posted Fall 2020

Support of local agriculture and small farms is one of my priorities. Vermont needs a vibrant agricultural economy that is profitable and sustainable. We must maintain the state’s prominence as a major milk producer in the region. We also must support other agricultural operations, including fruits and vegetables, hemp, livestock operations, cheese making, maple sugaring, poultry, grapes and wine, and apiaries. Management practices that ensure the continued stewardship of the land with respect for the environment should remain a priority. I support programs that encourage the state to buy more of its food for schools and institutions locally (grown or produced in Vermont when available). Vermont needs increased abattoir capacity. We should develop expertise and support for on-farm energy development.

I served for ten years on on the House Committee on Agriculture and Forestry.

I see many Vermonters actively supporting their local farms and valuing locally produced, high quality food – they want to know their farmers and how their food was produced. “Local production for local consumption” needs to be a universal concept.

Small farms are an inextricable part of the character of Vermont. Beyond their obvious and vital role in food production, they help support the billion-dollar tourist industry. The idyllic pastoral scenes for which Vermont is famous will fade away if the farms disappear.