Legislative Update


Representatives John Bartholomew and Elizabeth Burrows

We are providing informational articles on the activities of the 14 policy and money committees in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Since the town meetings for all three of our towns - Hartland, Windsor, and West Windsor - were virtual again this year, we did not format our report as a printed newsletter.  

Since we are not limited to the parameters of a printed page, we can offer a much more comprehensive report.

The articles are organized by committee and by topic.

Click on the link for the committees that are of interest to you.

Keep in mind that much of what is reported herein is still subject to action by the full House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Governor.

Our Mid-Session Report can be viewed here:


Feel free to communicate with either of us on these or other issues as we navigate the rest of the session.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in the State House. 

Many important issues are facing our state.  While the challenges are enormous, so are the opportunities to make a difference.  We continue to make difficult choices in a challenging economic climate.  Our job as legislators is to make sure these decisions are informed, balanced, and thoughtful.  Although this is challenging, stimulating, and humbling work, we are excited to be representing Hartland, Windsor, and West Windsor at this point in Vermont’s history. 

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